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About Us

With AMORELIE we have changed an entire industry and brought love life as an integral part of a happy relationship into the middle of society. We burn for fulfilled relationships and want to do our part with great love toys, lingerie and many other inspiring lifestyle products. With us, you will find a combination of ambitious ideas, an entrepreneurial team, a unique corporate culture and an incredible energy and euphoria for our mission. We are a successful, profitable Berlin start-up with over 130 employees and a lot of love, which defines the relationships of tomorrow!


Wir sind selbst Kommunikatoren und im Austausch mit Kolleg*innen aus Unternehmen und Agenturen. Wir konzentrieren uns auf ein Feld, das wir kennen. Und wir kuratieren besondere und empfehlenswerte Jobs in der Kommunikation.


Kunkel & Kumpane.
Talent Relations GmbH
Binzstraße 4
13189 Berlin