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Interel Group

About Us

Our Vision

Be the leading European public affairs consultancy, powered by a unique global network

Our Mission

  • We understand the bigger picture as well as the relationships between people, ideas, and organizations.
  • With expert services in government relations, issue management, stakeholder management, advocacy, policy communications and association management, we master the dynamics of government policy, regulation, market disruption, social change across all major industry sectors.
  • We help our clients understand social, political and regulatory forces, anticipate and engage with the people and policies that impact them.
  • We focus on nurturing the essential connections that advance our client’s interests in the market and nonmarket environments.
  • We create market opportunities while protecting clients’ right to innovate. The result is growth with purpose and a deeper level of societal support for our clients’ businesses.

We have offices in Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris, Washington, Beijing, and New Delhi, as well as a worldwide network of affiliate firms covering more than 70 markets managed through the Interel Global Partnership. Our team of experts is dedicated to advancing our clients’ interests wherever and whenever they need help in the world.


Wir sind selbst Kommunikatoren und im Austausch mit Kolleg*innen aus Unternehmen und Agenturen. Wir konzentrieren uns auf ein Feld, das wir kennen. Und wir kuratieren besondere und empfehlenswerte Jobs in der Kommunikation.


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