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About Us

Subway is the world’s largest restaurant brand, and we have big plans for the future. We’re on a journey to revolutionise our brand and need a strong leader to help us shape our PR & CSR strategy. We’ve recently created a brand new EMEA Marketing Communication team, and this role will play a crucial part in helping us make our brand even more famous (it’s time to awaken the sleeping giant!).

Our competitors have invested heavily in brand and PR in recent years, so we have some catching up to do – but we don’t want to settle for average. In the background we have been doing some amazing things, whether it is helping local communities or launching new products, and now we need some help to tell our story to our guest and internal colleagues.


Wir sind selbst Kommunikatoren und im Austausch mit Kolleg*innen aus Unternehmen und Agenturen. Wir konzentrieren uns auf ein Feld, das wir kennen. Und wir kuratieren besondere und empfehlenswerte Jobs in der Kommunikation.


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